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Proudly Serving the Houston, TX Community

In Southwest Texas roughly 165 miles east of Austin and 250 miles south of Dallas lies the city of Houston. It is the city with the highest population in all of the Southern United States and generally considered one of the best places to live in its state. It is a diverse, family-friendly, and reasonably affordable community with renowned cuisine and many other enviable amenities.  Houston has earned the nickname "Culinary Capital of the South" thanks to its top-notch foodie culture, as well as "Space City" due to its ties to NASA and the national space program. The city is a world leader in the energy industry and serves as a major hub for the building of oilfield equipment. If you run a natural gas or oil operation in Houston or the surrounding region and are looking for high-quality oilfield equipment and frac pumps for sale, Repforce Equipment is just the company you need.

A Quality Selection of Oilfield Equipment & Frac Pumps for Sale

We have changed the game when it comes to oilfield equipment sales, and if you start buying from us it won't take long you understand the Repforce difference for yourself. Our unparalleled products and services have earned us the position of North America's premier oilfield equipment marketing firm. Whether you are in search of frac pumps for saledrilling rigschemicalscoil tubing, or anything in between, our team is here to help you find exactly what you need in a timely  and convenient manner. Contact Repforce Equipment of the Houston, TX area today and change the way you acquire oilfield equipment!

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