1979 POLAMCO Radial Drilling Machine

1979 POLAMCO Radial Drilling Machine

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1979 POLAMCO Radial Drilling Machine Polish American Machinery Corporation Drill Press with plate field WEBO type HRH 100/3000 Weighs approximatley 20 Tons Requires 26.25' x 15' x 14' to set up Drilling capacity 100mm in ST 60 at a feed rate of 0.5mm/rev Nominal projection 3000mm Max Projection Max 3100mm Spindle Mount MT 6 Spindle Speed 22.4 - 1600rpm 36 Levels Feed .05 - 2.5 mm/reve 18 Steps Distance Spindle - base plate 970 - 2335mm Quill Stroke 325mm Boom Swivel Range 360 degrees Moveable on bed bed lenth 7500mm Clamping area plate field 8000 x 2100mm Electrical Central Clamping Drilling unit can be moved longitudinally on the machine bed by an eletric motor Plate field consisting of 2 clamping plates with 7x T-slots (length 4000 x with 2100 x plate thinckness 360mm) Required space L x W x H 8000mm x 4550mm x 4300mm Maximum height 4300mm Good Condition *MAKE OFFER* For more info, email Info@repforcesales.com or call (855)MAKE-OIL now


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