100BPM Electric Frac Blender

100BPM Electric Frac Blender

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100BPM Electric Frac Blender 100BPM Trailer Mounted Proppant Slurry Frac Blender Purpose To blend & deliver homogenous gel/proppant/chemical mixtures required for oilfield fracturing & stimulation services. Primary power source to be turbine driven electrical. Genset, with electric motor drive(s) on all roating equipment applications. Trailer Assembly (1) Design Single drop deck 80,000lb capacity trailer frame, US DOT on-road complaint Material Grade 50 (A572 or A992) carbon steel beam construction Layout Primary members on 35" or 41" CL, with appropriate cross-members Towing 2" kingpin, 3/8" thick bolster plate 52" bolster plate (5th Wheel) height Breaks/Lights Dual pneumatic glad hand connectors, 7-way electrial socket connector Wiring/Lines Sealed electrical wiring and protected air-lines with rub guards & grommets Suspension Two (2) 25,000lb, Mono-pivot Air-Ride, 9" ride height with airbags Axles Two 25,000lb, 71.5" or 77.5" track, with brake hubs and mounts Brakes 16" x 7" Meritor ABS brake system with dedicated air reservior Tires Eight 11R22.5 Tires, BF Goodrich or equivalent Wheels Eight 22.5 x 8.25, 10 Hole, hub piloted aluminum wheels Landing Gear Holland Mark-V heavy duty landing gear, manual 2 speed, curb-side crank Fenders Rugged (AL or Steel) over each re/axle group, front & rear Mud Flaps Heavy duty rubber mud aps in required locations Primary Engine Drive (1) Model Gas/Fuel Powered Turbine Exhaust to be specified Accesories to be specified Engine/Generator Enclosure Model to be specified, modular build Construction Steel or aluminum super structure, perforated internal panels over insulation Electric Power/Distribution System (1) Equipment Circuits (voltage to be specified) to drive the following rotating/linear Two AC Units Operations Enclosure Power/Breaker Room Generator Enclosure (ambient fan) (1) Unit Suction C-Pump (1) Unit Discharge C-Pump (1) Mix Tub Agitator (3) Proppant Augers (3) Sand Screw Gate Actuators (1) Auger Assembly Actuator (raise/lower) (4) Process Valve Actuators (2) Dry Chemical Fedder(s) Auger(s) (8) Liquid Chem Metering Pumps Controls Circuits (Voltage to be specified) to power the follwing componets All lighting (internal & external) (1) Integrated Controls System (Cabin & Panel) (2) Mag Flowmeters (8) Coriolis Flowmeters (1) Densitometer (Customer supplied) (1) Tub Level Sensor (1) Grease/Lube Distribution System Fluid Handling System (1) Discharge Pump 14x12x22 Mission Magnum XP High Chrome C-Pump or Gardner Denver Suction Pump 12x12x14.875 Gorman Rupp C-Pump Discharge Piping (1) 10" Mag Flowmeter (1) Densitometer (Customer supplied) (1) 3" Prime-up line (2) Discharge control valves (actuated) Discharge Manifold Positioned roadside (12) 4" BFV/Fig-207 cap connections, main manifold (2) 4" BFV/Fig 206-wing half connections, 5" gel line Suction Piping (1) 10" Mag Flowmeter (1) 10" Tub bypass valve/line (actuated) Suction Manifold Positioned curbside (14) 4" BFV/Fig-206 wing connections, main manifold Blending Tub Assembly (1) Build Circular 66"0D, 48" depth, rolled/stamped head elliptical bottom Capacity 6-8 BBL nominal fluid capacity during operation Agitator Multi-vane, multi-level shear paddle assembly, static vortex breakers Level Sensing Electronic & optical tub level sensors Auger/Sandscrew Aseembly (1) Hopper details Common to all augers 40" hopper height off ground when lowered Backstop to prevent proppant spillage Power screw or geared actuation (raise/lower ation) Mechanical lock for stowed position Automatic lubrication to all bearings Dry Chem-add System (1) (2) Acrison 101 -5z style feeder(s) Stainless steel construction 1ft 3" dry hopper capacity Direct feed into blending tub Liquid Chem-add System (1) (3) Waukesha 006U1 Pumps (5 GPM) (3) Waukesha 018U1 Pumps (12 GPM) (2) Waukesha 030 Pumps (36 GPM) (8) Injection stingers into blending tub (3) Injection stingers into suction piping (4) Injection stinger discharge piping (8) Coriolis flowermeters Control Cabin Assembly (1) Aluminum or thin steel construction, insulated, modular with bulkheads All doors & clearances required to be OSHA complaint Fully integrated & designed around LIME blender controls & electric-drive components Panels & enclosures to be standard LIME designs, stainless and construction sealed Climate control system included Platform Assembly Steel construction All ladders, rails, decking, required to be OSHA complaint Adjains control cabin with power enclosures & mix tub assembly Fire Protection System Customer option General Design & Assembly Fasteners GR8 or GR 10.9 required, no exceptions Tagging Hoses & cables tagged/labelled on all schematics for production 1-Megawatt turbine Custom design Application engineering Component fabrication Unit Manufacturing Subassembly quality assurance testing System Assembly Lycoming T-53 Remanufactured to zero hours Gearboxes Fuel management system Engine control system Governor Control System 480 Volt 60Hz Generator Complete assembled system quality assurance testing IP Licensing opportunities for the technology contain in this unit are also available For more information please contact Info@repforcesales.com or call (855)MAKE-OIL now


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(3) 12" auger screws with housing tubes, standard 11 ptich fighting