Electric Frac 5000HP Specifications

Electric Frac 5000HP Specifications

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Electric Frac 5000HP Specifications Hardware Specs (2) 2500HP GD Thunder Pumps (2) 2500HP Motors 4,160 Volts 365 AMPS 19,695 ft/lbs of torque (2) 2500HP Invertors 770AMPS at 4160v 116,000-118,000 lbs Max Pumping Pressure 15,000 PSI/103.4 Mpa Rate Per 5000HP Pressure 20 Barrels/3.17 M3 8,500 psi/58.6 Mpa 18 Barrels/2.86 M3 10,000 psi/68.9 Mpa 15 Barrels/2.34 M3 12,500 psi/86.1 Mpa GD Thunder Pump Specs Heavy Duty Modular Pump Design 10,000 Hours Before Power End Overhaul 11" Stroke Length Reduces Consumable Life Cycles 10% Less Cycles the Competing 10" Stroke Pumps Balance Crankshaft for Reduced Operating Vibrations Field Proven GD-3000 Gear Box with 28" Offset Proven Reliability Since 2000 New Bearing Technology for Improved Wear Resistance Crossheads Journal BearinPgs Thrust Bearings Please Contact us for Pricing For more information please contact Info@repforcesales.com or call (855)MAKE-OIL now


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