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600hp Acid Unit

600hp Acid Unit

SKU: A012

600HP Acid Unit

  • (Seller was Going to Convert to a Cement Pump)
  • 14L Detroit Engine, Series 60
  • 5-Speed Stewart & Stevenson, Model 6061 Transmission
  • OFM 4" Fluid End
  • 600HP OPI Power End
  • (2) Mission C Pumps (One Rebuilt, One New)
  • 1000 Gallon Acid Tank w/ New Liner
  • 5bbl Mixing Tub (Currently Not Plumbed In)
  • 3bbl Salt Tub On the Side
  • 2" Inline Flow Meter (Nuflow)
  • Most of the Plumbing is New, w/ Mostly New Actuators & Valves
  • Triplex has New Valves & Seats
  • New Brakes
  • Located in Colorado


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