Nitrogen Combo Unit

$575,000 (USD)

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Manufacturer: Hydra Rig
Year of Manufacture: 2008
Complete Refurnish in 2012
FULLY Functional & Job Ready
Nitrogen Pumping Side Specs:
Detroit 60 Series Engine (600bhp)
180k Scf/Hr - N2 Pumping Capacity
2000 Gallon Nitrogen Tank
1 5/8" Plungers (3)
Comes w/ Boost Pump
Fluid Pumping Side Specs:
Detroit 60 Series Engine (600bhp)
Triplex Pump Size: 2.5" Plungers
Pressure Rating of 20000psi
Comes w/ Centrifugal Pump
10bbl Displacement Tank
(2) Separate Control Panels for N2 & Fluid Pump
Detroit Diesel Electronic Monitoring System
ERAD Monitoring System for N2 & Fluid Pump
Fully Air Actuated Control System for Valves
All Ports Available for Connection w/ CT Data Acquisition System
Flexibility to Install and Use Any Stand-Alone Data Acquisition System
All Safety Valves & Controls in Place
Documents Will be Provided On Demand


Stock NumberP029
Stock noP029