2010 Kenworth T470 Vac Truck

$120,000 (USD)

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2010 Kenworth T470 Vac Truck
278,649 Miles
Cummins Engine
Automatic Transmission
AG 400 Suspension
Tandem Rear Axles
229in Wheelbase
6x4 Drive
The Vac Body is NEW
(1) New Dragon Truck Mounted 2300 Gallon DOT, ASME "U" Stamp Vac Body
Capacity: 2300 Gallons, Plus or Minus 3%
Comodity: Unspecified Fluids
Design Pressure: 25 psi Internal, 15 psi External (Full Vacuum)
38 PSIG Hydrostatic Test
Shell: 5/16" PL X 68" O.D. x 11'4" Plus Heads
Stiffener: 3/8" X 2-1/2" Rolled Rings, External (4)
Vibrator: 12V DC
Welds: Internal Root, External Submerged Arc
Compartment: Single
Manway: (1) 20" Located on Top Center of Tank
Primary Shutoff: Stainless Steel Boat Ball Shut Off Located at Top Front of Body
Anti-Static: (1) Anti-Static Cable Reel w/ 25' Cable & Clamp
Level Indicator: Rotary Float Gauge w/ Stainless Steel Ball Float
Hose Tray: Full Length Combination Hose Tray & Fenders on Each Side
Fenders: Stationary
Hose Hangers: None
Frame Mount: Spring Mount (6) Places, Tank to Slope to Rear to Frame
Bumper: Heavy Duty, Provides DOT 407/412 Valve & Underride Protection
Tool Box: Passenger Side, 24" X 18" X 18" Steel
Placards: (4) Placard Frames
Lighting: Full DOT Lighting, Sealed Lights, Harness, & Junction Box w/ Terminal Strip, (2) Rear Work Lights w/ Integral Switches
Coatings: All Surfaces White Metal Steel Grit Blast, 2.5 Mil Profile (SP-10), Interior Lined w/ Chemical Resistant 100% Solids Epoxy Liner, 20 Mil Dry Film Thickness, Exterior Coated High Build Epoxy Primer & Color Coated w/ High Solids Polyurethane, 4-6 Mil Dry Film Thickness, Body Painted Blue, Tanks Painted White to Customer's Specs
Vac System: NVE Challenger 607 Liquid Cooled Hydraulic Driven Vacuum Pump System w/ Oil Catch Muffler, Including PTO, Hydraulic Pump, Oil Resevoir, & Return Line Filter


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